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Renault K-ZE

Save up from 2000€ per year

We work to ensure that money remains in your pocket and the nature cleaner!
Why an electric car?
  • gives you full independence (charge home)

  • it’s very quiet

  • average saving of 1 lei/km

      (calculated at the price of 1.78 lei/kwh compared to a consumption of 8                      liters/100km)

  • don't worry about fuel quality anymore

  • no need to change oil and filters every 8000km

  • visit Auto-Service less often

Direct Delivery

We deliver for you directly to the Republic of Moldova. Turnkey service without intermediaries and unnecessary costs, directly from the manufacturers!

Considerable Savings

We help you forget what fuel, repairs and oil changes mean.

Affordable Prices

Benefit from electric mobility at the price of an internal combustion car. An electric car does not have to be more expensive.

Electric cars

Choose from a wide range for different needs.

The TMD team and our customers recommend that you choose an electric car.

With a minimum range of at least 200km in winter any of our cars can easily meet your mobility needs.

Not sure if an electric car
is right for you?


“We support the TMD team and electric mobility. We will directly contribute to the installation of charging stations for electric cars in the city of Calarasi.” 


—  Nicolae DISCANT,

        Administrator of "Asicon" S.A.

Why the TMD team?
We have experience in the field and the most
competitive prices on the market.

Because we buy cars directly from manufacturers and maintain the lowest possible operating cost, we can afford to offer you the best prices in this industry. Whether you are a person or legal entity, contact us and we will choose the most suitable offer for your requirements.

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